HLC Holsworthy Travel Ltd
"I called in to Holsworthy Travel to get passport photographs taken. This wasn't going to be a big moneyspinner for them as you can imagine, but I was treated as if I had just booked a round the world tour. In this world of 'computer say no', offhand, shoddy service it was a real pleasure to be treated with respect and friendliness even though it was only a small purchase... Thank you for your efficient service delivered so pleasantly."
Greg B

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Experience the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, the stunning scenery of the Norwegian Fjords, the glaciers in Alaska or perhaps relax for six days and arrive in New York, in style, on board The Queen Mary II . . .

We can arrange a wide variety of cruise-based holidays whether that be cruising from the UK or flying to the ship and cruising from there. Even a long-weekend on the English canal network. Any duration, from two nights onwards.

Cruises are renowned for amazing food and broadway-style entertainment.

As with all other holidays, we have immediate access to up-to-date special offers along with a huge selection of brochures to inspire you.