HLC Holsworthy Travel Ltd
"Excellent service. Holsworthy Travel were recommended to me and I can see why."
Tim F

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"Good reliable service, Holsworthy Travel take great pride in doing their best for you. Thank you."   Miriam H

"Polite, couldn't be more helpful. Good reliable service."   Suzanne C

"Excellent travel agent, very professional, happy to recommend!"   Margaret P

"Wide variety of choice & friendly staff."   Sara J

"They know what they are selling, don't make mistakes, and have organised from weekend trips to weeks away in the Far East, Australia and various African countries for us."   George T

"Good knowledge of all countries. Good service."   Emma B

"Friendly staff and extremely efficient especially on long haul holidays to weird and wonderful places."   Charles C

"Good prices - good service."   Tracey B

"I called in to Holsworthy Travel to get passport photographs taken. This wasn't going to be a big moneyspinner for them as you can imagine, but I was treated as if I had just booked a round the world tour. In this world of 'computer say no', offhand, shoddy service it was a real pleasure to be treated with respect and friendliness even though it was only a small purchase... Thank you for your efficient service delivered so pleasantly."   Greg B

"Very friendly and efficient service. Good advice and great customer care."   Keith T